tooth extraction winter park and orlandoThere are a number of reasons that you and Dr. Anderson may decide that you need a tooth extraction.  Some teeth need extraction because of excessive decay or advanced periodontal (gum) disease.  Others may need tooth extraction because of the tooth fracturing partially or completely in a way that can not be repaired.  Some teeth are extracted because of being poorly positioned or impacted  like wisdom teeth or others because of orthodontic (braces) treatment.  Whatever the case, at our Winter Park Dental Office we are prepared to make the tooth extraction process as comfortable and painless as possible.

Tooth Extraction Process

The removal of a single tooth is usually a very straight forward procedure.  The area is numbed with a local anesthetic like lidocaine or something similar and the tooth is removed.  Although the procedure is usually not painful, a lot of pressure is used to help remove the tooth.  Because of this some prefer to use Nitous Oxide (laughing gas) or oral conscious sedation when having a tooth extraction.  Whatever you choose Dr. Anderson will perform the extraction safely and as comfortably possible.

Sometimes because of the tooth anatomy or the anatomy of the surrounding tissues the tooth extraction process can be more difficult.  Our Winter Park Dental office is equipped with Cone beam CT technology and can gain a 3 dimensional image of the teeth and bone.  This allows for a better understanding of the complexity and safer treatment.  The can be especially important when dealing with impacted wisdom teeth or teeth that are poorly positioned.

What Happens After The Tooth Extraction

After a tooth is extracted it is important to have a plan for the replacement of the tooth or teeth.  Once the tooth is removed the bone in the area will start to reshape and reabsorb.  This happens fast at first then slowly progresses throughout life.  To avoid this type of bone loss often a dental bone graft is recommended.  It is also possible that the teeth on either side and opposing teeth can shift causing further dental problems.  Replacing the missing tooth with an dental implant or bridge is the best way to avoid these issues.  At our Winter Park dental office we are fully trained and equipped to take you through the entire tooth extraction and replacement process.