Single Appointment Dental Care

Utilizing the latest technology we are now able to prepare and deliver a final restoration in just one visit to our office.  Traditionally getting a crown would take two visits.  One to prepare the tooth, take an impression and make a temporary.  A few weeks later a second appointment would be needed to remove the temporary and deliver the final crown.  Although this is still done from time to time, when possible we try to save you from having to take a second day out of your busy life to complete the dental care.  We are a modern dental practice.  We have invested in technology to make your treatment better, faster and more predictable.

What is Cerec?

Cerec is a system that allows us to provide single visit crowns.  Utilizing an optical scanner we take a digital impression on your tooth.  No gooey impression needed.  We then design the restoration on the computer allowing a superior fit and fabricate it our lab while you relax.  This process can be accomplished within one single visit to our Winter Park dental office.